Craftsman quality Made in China ───Wengerrun doors and windows help the Chinese cruise industry set sail

Craftsman quality Made in China ───Wengerrun doors and windows help the Chinese cruise industry set sail

2019-05-20 08:52
From April 25th to 26th, 2019, the "3rd China International Cruise Ship Repair Forum and Exhibition" was grandly opened at the Sheraton Shanghai Hotel. With the theme of “accelerating the localization of cruise construction and promoting the development of the entire industry chain of cruise economy”, the forum focuses on the latest developments in luxury cruise construction, maintenance technology, cruise supply chain, international cooperation and win-win mode, and independent construction of China Cruises. The topic will be discussed in depth.
The two-day forum was attended by nearly 300 guests from government departments, ship repairing companies, industry associations, and cruise ship construction and design related companies. It also brought together many domestic and international excellent marine accessory products companies to showcase the cruise industry. A full range of high-end products on the chain.


工匠品质 中国制造 ───温格润门窗助力中国邮轮产业扬帆起航
Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Jingcheng Marine Glass Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance at this event. Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows is a new high-end cruise ship "inside the cruise door" and "the cruise door window door opener" system has become a highlight of this event. The door and window system is the first in China, with perfect functions and excellent performance. Received high attention and praise from experts from major shipyards and ship design institutes around the world.
As the first enterprise in China to develop A-60 marine fireproof glass, Jingcheng Marine Glass Co., Ltd. adheres to the goal of building a sustainable and modern enterprise, and is committed to technological innovation to realize the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent industry.
At the same time, Wenger Run, as the pioneer of China's polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy door and window system, has also been focusing on creating value for energy-saving business, and is committed to promoting and improving polyurethane insulation aluminum alloy door and window technology and products to promote the health of green energy-saving industry. development of.
Wenger Run energy-saving doors and windows create "inside the cruise door" and "cruise door joint window swing door" system breaks through the technical constraints of traditional broken aluminum alloy doors and windows, and further enhances and perfects the integration of aluminum alloy doors and windows for the special needs of marine use. performance.
1. Super insulation performance. The whole door heat transfer coefficient can be lower than 0.8W/(m2.K), which can ensure a more comfortable space temperature in the cabin. In the environment with low sea temperature and high humidity, the risk of condensation on the inner surface of the door cabin is reduced and kept dry. Healthy, avoiding moisture, mildew and bacterial growth.
2. Excellent sound insulation. Fully meet the higher demand for noise reduction of cruise ships to improve the quiet living space in the cabin. Combined with different soundproof glass configurations, it can achieve sound insulation and noise reduction of level 4 or above, that is, 35dB-45dB.
3. It can be used in combination with high-performance LOW-E glass and other variable-tone light glass to realize the sunshade performance of marine doors and windows. In the hot and roasting sea with strong sunshine, reduce the solar radiation heat into the cabin. Increased energy consumption, while making full use of visible light into the cabin to assist lighting lighting needs.
4. Polyurethane heat-insulating aluminum alloy door and window system has ultra-high strength, can achieve the highest level of 9-level wind pressure resistance, and is more resistant to wind and wind intrusion.
5. Through the refined structure design of the doors and windows and the selection of high-end hardware accessories, the highest level of water tightness and airtightness can be achieved, which can withstand the storms of the sea without leakage.
Innovative breakthroughs, Jingcheng Marine Glass and Wenger Run Cruise Sliding Doors give everyone a unique new experience, which is highly recognized by cruise ship designers and industry experts. For this reason, the Beijing-Chengde Marine Glass and Wenger Run Marine Door Booth are always in front of the market, and the audience for visitors and consultations is endless. Everyone is highly acclaimed for this domestic first-class, high-performance marine door product, and it also pays more attention and expectation.
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Chairman of the Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, Director of the Cruise Economy Committee Sun Weiguo, Chairman of the National Cruise Design Alliance, and Mr. Yu Jianzhong, Executive Chairman of the China Shipbuilding Association Cruise Industry Alliance, led the industry leaders and expert delegation to visit Jingcheng Marine glass and Wenger Run marine door booth, and friendly exchanges with business representatives. The leaders affirmed and praised the wide applicability of our products and the broad prospects for their future development. At the same time, many overseas ship design company experts came to the booth.
Through two days of exhibitions, Jingcheng Marine Glass and Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows were full of fruit and fruitful results. Mr. Hu Liyong, General Manager of Jingcheng Marine Glass, participated in the signing ceremony of the project cooperation and concluded the grand event.
The cruise economy is moving towards new opportunities for high quality and localization. The high standard, high quality and super comfortable space of luxury cruise ships are more and more demanding, and the door and window system with excellent functions and excellent performance is guaranteed. “The 3rd China International Cruise Ship Repair Forum and Exhibition” has come to an end, but the pace of Beijing-Chengde Marine Glass and Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows has never stopped. We will be full of industry and customer expectations and create value for customers. The concept, the whole set of departures, and the advancement of the industry, to provide the industry with more international innovation, international competitiveness of cruise doors and windows, glass products and technical solutions, to make greater contributions to China's domestically produced cruise business!

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