Congratulations to Wenger Run, the expert group of Shanghai Sanglass Association, for its successful completion

Congratulations to Wenger Run, the expert group of Shanghai Sanglass Association, for its successful completion

2019-05-18 08:52



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April 19-20, 2019
Wenger Run Door & Window Co., Ltd., located in the “Garden City”---Jiangyin City, welcomed the delegation of the Shanghai Sanbo Association Expert Group. The expert group delegation was led by the Secretary-General of Sanbo Association Tao, and the gathering of large-scale coffee, including Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Market Management Station, Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Design Institute, Modern Design Institute and many experts in curtain wall and glass. And leadership.
The delegation visited the manufacturing workshop, product testing laboratory and finished product exhibition hall of Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows Co., Ltd., and interacted with Wenger Run technical experts, on-site personnel, and put forward constructive guidance and suggestions.
On the morning of the 20th, the expert group held a technical symposium with the relevant leaders of Wenger Run and the technical and marketing departments.
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After listening to Wenge Run's technical department and marketing department's comprehensive report on Wenger Run's energy-saving door and window product technical solutions, the experts spoke and made suggestions. First of all, Wenger Run is the pioneer of China's polyurethane insulated aluminum door and window system, affirming the contribution of China's building energy-saving door and window industry, and the exquisite craftsmanship and excellent performance of polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy door and window system. Give positive recognition.
In the technical exchange, experts also put forward professional suggestions and ideas on how to optimize the process, improve performance, and promote marketing of Wenger Run energy-saving door and window products.
Through this inspection and exchange activities, the understanding and understanding between Wenger Run Energy-saving Doors and Windows and Shanghai Sanbo Association and members of various expert groups have been enhanced, and professional guidance and suggestions from experts have been obtained to help Wenger Run energy-saving windows and doors develop more. The road to broad future development and the future will create more brilliant achievements.
Facing the future, Wenger Run will continue to advance, show better technology and products to customers, and make greater contributions to the country's energy conservation and environmental protection cause.
In addition, the expert group also visited a number of companies under the Jingcheng Glass and conducted discussions with relevant leaders of the company.
"Kyocheng" cooperation, and will continue to open.
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Break through the energy-saving boundary and practice the future contract. Wingreen has been focusing on creating value for building energy efficiency, and is committed to promoting and improving polyurethane insulated aluminum door and window technology and products to provide consumers with cost-effective door and window products and services.
Wingreen WinGreen, as the leader of China's polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy door and window system, was one of the first door and window products to be selected as the "China Passive Low Energy Building Product Selection Catalogue". The product design is beautiful, bringing energy, environmental protection and economy to the building. Comprehensive improvement in comfort. Among the passive buildings that have been built in China, there are many classic projects using Wenger Run WinGreen energy-saving doors and windows. These projects are distributed throughout the country. The Wenge Run WinGreen doors and windows are excellent for their excellent thermal performance and perfect appearance. Energy-efficient operation of buildings plays an important role.

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