Innovate with innovation, win the future with innovation

Innovate with innovation, win the future with innovation

2019-01-17 14:27
January 23, 2019
Festo Jinan New Global Production Center
The first phase of the plant opening ceremony was held in Jinan, Shandong Province!
This is the Standardization Industry 4.0 model factory. Festo is involved in a series of future projects based on innovation and manufacturing. Festo is committed to combining modern information and communication technologies with traditional industrial processes to create a large number of intelligent A “future factory” that is green, green, and high-end, and will carry out energy conservation.
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Founded in 1925, FESTO AG & Co. KG is a global leader in automation technology and a global market leader in basic and advanced technical training. Headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, the company is an independent family business. With operations in 200 industries worldwide, the Festo Group provides leading pneumatic and electric drive technology and comprehensive solutions to more than 300,000 customers. At the same time, Festo Didactic provides advanced engineering training equipment and courses to more than 40,000 customers worldwide. In 2017, the Festo Group achieved sales of EUR 3.1 billion and employs 20,100 people in 250 countries and regions around the world.
The Festo industrial plant project has always been very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The materials selected are from the top suppliers in the building materials industry and have undergone near-rigorous screening and testing. As a strategic material supplier of Festo, WinGreen energy-saving doors and windows in the sub-help project became a classic, wonderful and infinite; the project selected Wenger Run energy-saving insulation products WG75 polyurethane insulation aluminum alloy door and window system, to achieve the entire window heat transfer coefficient of 1.7 W/m2K. Compared with traditional plant projects, the energy efficiency of doors and windows is as high as 40%.
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Classic configuration
Product series: WG75 energy-saving polyurethane aluminum alloy doors and windows
Profile surface treatment: fluorocarbon spray PVDF
Color: gray fixed frame + Festo custom blue open fan
Glass: 6+12+6 (Low-e), fully tempered hollow Low-e energy-saving glass
Hardware: Germany ROTO and Germany Dr.Hahn
Strip: high quality EPDM sealing strip
Wengerrun doors and windows have won high recognition and praise from the owners for their superior thermal insulation performance, airtightness, grade 7 watertightness, grade 5, excellent wind pressure resistance and sound insulation.
Wengerun products have always been favored by many foreign companies, such as Bosch and other companies. With the continuous promotion of environmental protection and low carbon sustainable development concepts in various industries, more and more global famous brand groups have established strategic partnerships with us to improve the office and operating environment and reduce the use of energy-saving windows and doors. Operating costs and improving building quality.
Wenger Run will continue to maintain and update the quality of its products to provide customers with more professional and quality products and services.
The successful application of Wingreen products in Festo proves that Wenger Run energy-saving door and window system has reliable quality, excellent product performance and good brand image. On the other hand, it also shows that Wenger Run wants to create for customers. The determination of value. For the future, Wenger Run will continue to advance, show better technology and products to customers, and make greater contributions to the country's energy conservation and environmental protection cause.
Break through the energy-saving boundary and practice the future contract. Wingreen has been focusing on creating value for building energy efficiency, and is committed to promoting and improving polyurethane insulated aluminum door and window technology and products to provide consumers with cost-effective door and window products and services.
Wingreen WinGreen, as the leader of China's polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy door and window system, was one of the first door and window products to be selected as the "China Passive Low Energy Building Product Selection Catalogue". The product design is beautiful, bringing energy, environmental protection and economy to the building. Comprehensive improvement in comfort. Among the passive buildings that have been built in China, there are many classic projects using Wenger Run WinGreen energy-saving doors and windows. These projects are distributed throughout the country. The Wenge Run WinGreen doors and windows are excellent for their excellent thermal performance and perfect appearance. Energy-efficient operation of buildings plays an important role.

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