Lixia | With it, it’s a good summer.

Lixia | With it, it’s a good summer.

2019-05-28 14:23
After the May 1st holiday, you are returning to work. Besides, you have not been able to relax from the leisure and entertainment of the holiday. Does it still feel abnormal fatigue, mental paralysis and inattention, as if... Oh, don't think too much, it's because summer is coming.
Today is the summer of the 24th solar terms. As the first solar term in the summer, Lixia said that he will bid farewell to the spring and welcome the summer. With the arrival of the summer season, the temperature began to rise significantly. In the hot weather, the study work was completely unable to work hard, and often there was fatigue, getting angry and loss of appetite. The weather is hot, the beginning of the summer, the people are upset; outside the barbecue, back home and steaming, certainly irritated. So how do you deal with the hot summer days?
What about polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows?
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Many people think that doors and windows are only tools for sheltering the wind and rain. Nowadays, people have energy-saving awareness, and the door and window energy-saving industry is also developing rapidly. The aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridges are the best among them, and they shine in energy saving, among which Wenger Run Polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows are different from other fully solid core broken bridges, breaking the traditional broken aluminum design, which is a new direction for the future development of the door and window industry.
1Innovative structure of aluminum alloy profile, full solid core large broken bridge design, combined with high performance LOW-E glass; achieve high efficiency and energy saving, hot summer to ensure indoor cool and comfortable, reduce air conditioning refrigeration energy consumption;
2 profiles are cast in one time, tight and firm; super strong wind pressure and water tightness, no longer afraid of summer storms, always keep home safe and comfortable;
3 combined with high-performance glass system to obtain excellent sound insulation and keep the home quiet and warm;
4 pages (hinge) are installed on the side of the fixed window. The window is surrounded by interlocking hardware and the window sash is thick. Good safety performance;
5 imported hardware accessories, to ensure smooth and flexible, durable, durable.
At the same time, Wenger Run polyurethane insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows, with a variety of decorative options, from the visual to the touch, to bring you a different warm experience. With such an all-in-one artifact, you can basically say goodbye to summer troubles.
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So, what are you waiting for, Wenger Run polyurethane aluminum alloy doors and windows installed!

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