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WinGreen window and door system adopts a new profile called polyurethane thermal insulation aluminum alloy which owns several invention patents. It is the upgraded form of traditional broken bridge aluminum profile, but WinGreen has directly filled the polyurethane of high thermal insulation performance into the gaps among aluminum profiles by foaming to realize solid thermal insulation, instead of the traditional nylon insertion methodology for broken bridge.

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The polyurethane thermal insulation aluminum alloy profile consists of aluminum and polyurethane and can be divided into: aluminum outer profile, aluminum inner profile and polyurethane from the outside to the inside.
Aluminum is the most widely used raw material for window and door profile which is of high strength and easy to shape. User can add a personal touch by a variety of surface treatment to achieve different decorative effects. Besides, it is easy to maintain and can be recycled, with long quality guarantee period. 
WinGreen’s aluminum profiles also embrace all the abovementioned advantages, especially in  terms of surface treatment methods which are diverse and can be customized from color to gloss. What’s more, the aluminum internal profile of WinGreen has went through standard oxidation processing, directly combined with polyurethane, and can be stored for a long time. It is convenient to match the external profiles of different surfaces to form a whole profile that meets different requirements of various customers.



Polyurethane is a very common polymer industrial raw material which is flexible, durable and has been applied in different fields and thousands of products to replace materials like paint, cotton, rubber, metal and wood. It can be as hard as glass fiber, as soft as foam, as elastic as rubber, and as sticky as glue. The polyurethane used by WinGreen is a rigid polyurethane which is mainly applied in the construction industry in the foreign countries, while in China it is mostly used in refrigerators and cold storage, and its application in the construction industry is still in its infancy. In addition to endowing products with different density and hardness, it can also be further processed to have other performance, like sound absorption, flame retardant, antistatic, radiation protection, etc. Polyurethane is widely used in various products from children's toy to aircraft wing, and has been improved continually to adapt to the modern technology developement since it was first invented in 1940. WinGreen adopts water foaming technology in its manufacturing process, and adds flame retardant to enhance the system’s fireproof performance, which is safe and environmental friendly. The U-value of polyurethane core of WinGreen profile (K-value in China) is 0.062W/(m2·K).
At present WinGreen has two types of profiles, WG75 and WG85. They share the same structure, but insulation thickness is different, so their thermal insulation performance is dissimilar. The U-value of WG75 is 0.96 W/(m2·K) while that of WG85 is 0.75 W/(m2·K).

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