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The concept of Passive House put forward by Architecture professor in 1980s and based on low energy consumption building which is introduced by Germany, has significance in the low carbon environmental protection and sustainable development. It can keep the indoor environment comfortable not relying on any active heating and cooling facilities. It uses building exterior with high heat and sound insulation and strong sealing and renewable energy to control energy consumption. The household energy consumption is 120 kwh/(sqm. year).
The construction of "Passive House" with no limitation of building types can be applied into office buildings, houses, schools, stadiums and industrial occupancy. So it is practical to convert ordinary construction to achieve the requirements of the standard of Passive House. Up to now a total of more than 6000 passive houses are put into use in European countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The "Hamburg House" in 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the first certified "passive house in China. In recent years, passive house is drawn much more attention in our green construction industry and exemplary passive house project has already started. “Water Side” residential quarters in Qinhuangdao, built in 2012, is the first civilian commercial passive house project.
German research institute on passive house set up a number of certification for the building materials, construction methods, etc. to achieve the requirements of energy efficiency. In the field of Windows and doors, the U value (K value in our country) should be not more than 0.8 W/m2·K can get a certification related to building materials, named Passive House Material Certification.
Wingreen’s series of WG85 won the Passive House Material Certification in 2014 and is the only domestic aluminum alloy product obtaining this certification.
Wingreen wants to promote the development of the passive house in China in the process of research and develop products which meet the meet the high requirements of energy efficiency. Wingreen’s windows and doors are successfully applied in “The other side of water” passive house project in Qinhuangdao and energy-saving building in Tianjin Chinese Academy of Science. We will continue to work hard and make progress with the Chinese passive housing industry.

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