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Characterized by energy saving, WinGreen window system has got EU’s CE Certification and gone through extensive domestic professional tests, performance of highest level assured. It has been proven to be an ideal partner of energy efficient buildings.
WinGreen window is modern and simple in appearance, and its profile adopts European U-shaped groove design, able to be paired with hardware of various brands. It is available in a range of different opening functions, such as fixed, side-hung, tilt-and-turn, combined, etc. A variety of automatic control devices can be installed to match the building intelligent system. 


WG75 series is the core product of WinGreen.
WG75 window system is available for many types of buildings, like residential building, office building, hotel, hospital, school, factory, laboratory building, etc. Paired with different electronic control devices, it can achieve various function requirements.

Feature and Performance:

• Profile depth: 75mm
• Available glass thickness: 24-52mm
• Hardware for European standard U-shaped groove 12/18-13
• Available for hidden hinge
• Profile surface color and style can be tailored
• Compatible with curtain wall system
• Compatible with WG75 door series
• Sash width: up to 1400mm
• Resistance to wind load: Class C
• Water-tightness: Class 9A
• Air permeability: Class 4
• Sound insulation: 35(-2;-5)dB
• U-value: below 0.88W/(m2·K)
The test results above are in accordance with GB/T8484-2008
Glass configuration: 5/16Arg/5LE/V/5
The test results above are according to:UNE-EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2011 EN ISO 10077-2:2012 Uw value glazing: 44mm triple glazing, 4le/16arg/4/16arg/4le (arg = Air 10%, Argon 90% and le = Low emissivity) with a thermal transmittance coefficient of 0.6W/m2·K. Testing at LGAI Technological Center, S.A.
Testing institution: National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering / Jiangsu Testing Center for Quality of Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


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